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Over the past 30 years, HOIST® has become a leader in the strength training equipment industry through proven effectiveness, durability, and versatility. The HOIST consumer free weight and personal training system product line is precision built with superb components and unique space saving designs.

Price:* $499.99 | Purchase Qty:
HOIST Consumer Strength Product Line
  • Flat/incline/decline... six adjustable back pad
  • Three adjustable seat pad positions from 0°, 10° and 20°
  • Three adjustable foot peg positions
  • Wheels and handle provide tilt ‘n roll capability
  • Maximum weight 1,000 lbs.
  • HF-OPT4000-01 Leg Extension/Curl
  • HF-OPT4000-02 Preacher Curl
  • HF-OPT4000-03 Accessory Storage Stand
  • Product Width: 22.00" (56 cm)
  • Product Height: 46.75" (119 cm)
  • Product Length: 62.00" (157 cm)
  • Machine Weight: 77 lbs. (35 kg)

* CA, IL and WA orders outside of the Authorized Dealer Network are subject to sales tax. Shipping/handling and tax fees vary based on your distance from the nearest HOIST Authorized Dealer and their applicable policies. A HOIST Representative will contact you upon purchase to inform you of the exact shipping/handling charges. Credit card payments WILL NOT be processed unless you agree to these charges. In the rare event that you do not reside within the HOIST Authorized Dealer Network territory, curbside delivery is the only available delivery option for boxed goods and does NOT include assembly. Please note product installation is not available outside the HOIST Authorized Dealer Network.

HOIST Consumer Strength Product Line
"HOIST/INCLINE/DECLINE#4165" by Frankie on 11/28/2014

This Bench. is the Best out there for the Money. Stable. Youll be Happy I looked at alot Benches Nothing beats this Bench. This Bench Rocks........

"FANTASTIC AND VERSATILE" by Rob U on 09/05/2014

This bench is very versatile and comfortable. It works very well for millitary press to decline bench/dumbell press. I love it and well worth the money!

"EXCELLENT " by Nickywishes on 05/31/2013

The best bench I ever bought


As I have come to discover, any time one attempts to combine multiple functions into a given platform, compromise is inevitable, as is the case with this bench. That said, I can't imagine a better design that would better suit the flat, incline and decline functions all at once, as this bench does. Hoist seems to have done a fine job at designing an optimal bench, but it is just optimal, which is all something multifunctional normally can be. It would be ideal to have the space for separate benches, but for many of us, it's just not an option. The flat is near perfect. The seat is too wide for the incline, but is necessary for the decline function. You have to be careful about body positioning on the decline in regard to spanning the gap with the right part of the body, especially when doing decline sit-ups or crunches. The seat is barely wide enough and has barely enough cushioning on the end for decline, but any more would be too much for incline or flat. The foot brace could use more cushioning for decline. The wheels could engage at a bit lower angle. Overall, for a bench that does it all, it's as good as it gets. I was feeling bad about buying a bench that is made in China. However, when I got it home, I came to realize that most of it was about to be made in the USA, right in my exercise room. I guess I feel a little better about it, now. :)

"THIS BENCH IS THE BEST BENCH OUT THERE" by Big Dave on 12/08/2012

I got this bench a few months ago and I love it. it is easy to move around on carpet or cement floor. I got the leg attachment and it is awesome. I must say I used to have a Parabody and everytime I used the leg curl, I got sharp pains in my legs. I do not have no pain at all with this bench. In the future I will purchase more Hoist products. Hoist is worth the money, if you get into working out, like I do get something you will enjoy using for your workouts.

"QUALITY" by jimmythekid1 on 08/25/2012

This is a high quality bench. I have found that a lot of department store bench are awkward to use and unstable. This bench is rock solid. It was easy for me to put together, but keep in mind I'm a master ASE technician. I even got the leg attachment and was very surprised to how smooth the movement is. I highly recommend this bench, its just like what you would use at the gym.


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