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The Personal Training System (PTS) is a pioneering series of Dual Action Smith® cages loaded with powerful options and accessories. Engineered with a focus on results, the flexible design of the PTS can be customized to your fitness goals. The stand out feature of the PTS is the revolutionary Dual Action technology (US Patent #7,393,309) that produces simultaneous horizontal and vertical bar movement, providing the benefits of freeweight training but with added safety and stability. Coupled with the Ultra-Lite Lifting System™ that reduces the bar weight to a mere 30 lbs., the PTS provides the freedom to perform endless exercises and achieve the results that have become synonymous with HOIST®.

Price: $4,299.99 | Purchase Qty:
HOIST Consumer Strength Product Line
  • PTS-1000 Dual Action Smith™ Cage
  • PTS-LAT Low Row/Lat
  • PTS-SHIELD Weight Stack Shields
  • Product Width: 81.75" (208 cm)
  • Product Height: 83.19” (211 cm)
  • Product Length: 65.88" (167 cm)
  • Machine Weight: 642 lbs. (291 kg)

* CA, IL and WA orders outside of the Authorized Dealer Network are subject to sales tax. Shipping/handling and tax fees vary based on your distance from the nearest HOIST Authorized Dealer and their applicable policies. A HOIST Representative will contact you upon purchase to inform you of the exact shipping/handling charges. Credit card payments WILL NOT be processed unless you agree to these charges. In the rare event that you do not reside within the HOIST Authorized Dealer Network territory, curbside delivery is the only available delivery option for boxed goods and does NOT include assembly. Please note product installation is not available outside the HOIST Authorized Dealer Network.

HOIST Consumer Strength Product Line
"PLATE STORAGE" by drs on 01/09/2012

Would be nice if there was built in plate storage


@andripro212 You should be receiving an email via gmail today from one of our sales representatives.