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The Personal Training System (PTS) is a pioneering series of Dual Action Smith® cages loaded with powerful options and accessories. Engineered with a focus on results, the flexible design of the PTS can be customized to your fitness goals. The stand out feature of the PTS is the revolutionary Dual Action technology (US Patent #7,393,309) that produces simultaneous horizontal and vertical bar movement, providing the benefits of freeweight training but with added safety and stability. Coupled with the Ultra-Lite Lifting Systemâ„¢ that reduces the bar weight to a mere 30 lbs., the PTS provides the freedom to perform endless exercises and achieve the results that have become synonymous with HOIST®.

Price:* $6,559.99 | Purchase Qty:
HOIST Consumer Strength Product Line
  • PTS-1000 Dual Action Smith™ Cage
  • PTS-LAT Low Row/Lat
  • PTS-HILO Dual Hi/Low Pulleys
  • PTS-SHIELD Weight Stack Shields x3
  • Product Width: 81.75" (208 cm)
  • Product Height: 92.00" (234 cm)
  • Product Length: 91.00" (231 cm)
  • Machine Weight: 1134 lbs. (514 kg)

* CA, IL and WA orders outside of the Authorized Dealer Network are subject to sales tax. Shipping/handling and tax fees vary based on your distance from the nearest HOIST Authorized Dealer and their applicable policies. A HOIST Representative will contact you upon purchase to inform you of the exact shipping/handling charges. Credit card payments WILL NOT be processed unless you agree to these charges. In the rare event that you do not reside within the HOIST Authorized Dealer Network territory, curbside delivery is the only available delivery option for boxed goods and does NOT include assembly. Please note product installation is not available outside the HOIST Authorized Dealer Network.

HOIST Consumer Strength Product Line
"GOOD" by Boss on 10/02/2014

It's very good equipment we can do number of variations

"AWESOME GYM!!!" by PTS TRAINER PRO on 07/08/2014

Everything you need and want in one gym system!


completely professional feel. one pull on the handles and your mouth will hit the floor in disbelief. Worth the money , by a mile! This combined with my problock adjustable dumbells officially ended my workouts at the gym. Bought this machine in 2005 still just like new.

"EVEN BETTER THAN I THOUGHT!" by a dad with a teenager on 01/22/2013

Bought this piece of equipment so I could help my high school son work out at home. We bought it two years ago and have moved twice in the process. I chose to take it apart in sections rather than take it down entirely. After two moves I was very worried that the parts would be broken or bent or not function properly (pulleys/guide bars, etc). We have reassembled in our final destination and it works like new. It's every bit of equipment that we need to get a full workout. I should not have to buy another piece for 20 years. Very happy with the product!

"AWESOME!" by Bannman on 09/27/2012

Have had the PTS-3 for about a year now and absolutely love it! I immediately cancelled my gym membership and have no need to go back. It is so versatile and easy to use and the quality is second to none. One of the best investments if you are in the market for an all around great quality home gym that can do almost anything! Can't say enough good things about it and would highly recommend it!

"AMAZING!!" by TRick on 01/12/2012

This piece of machinery is absolutely amazing! Bought the pts-ens3 a little over a year ago and haven't been back to the gym since. Extremely sturdy, wont budge at all. Be careful if you do have 8' ceilings though, it will be a very close fit. I have about 1" of clearance above the pull up bar which is the highest point. I can do a four station circuit with this thing! That's ridiculous! I could rave about this thing for days. I'll just stop now and go workout. If you are into lifting, this unit is for you. Thank you Hoist!

"ITS LIKE HAVING A GYM IN YOUR HOME" by Raj Verma on 01/05/2012

Love this system had it for 4 years now and use it 3 times a week!

Dual Action Smith™ Ens.

Retail Price: $6,559.99

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Flexibility is a very important part of advancing into more difficult movements. #BattleRopePowerSlams #FitFriday