Sep 28, 2011

The philosophy behind Vitalis SportCenter is characterized by constant, individualized, and personal fitness experiences. Vitalis achieves their philosophy through excellent service and first-class fitness equipment.

Owners Beate and Dieter Collas are proud to present the new HOIST® product lineup at Vitalis SportCenter in Niederzier, Germany. “At first, Beate and Dieter were looking to change five machines—they ended up with an 800 square-meter, HOIST-equipped facility” stated Gentil Dossche, Commercial Sales Manager for Sport Tiedje.

Gentil (2010 HOIST “International Salesperson of the Year”) communicated his passion for the HOIST brand in daily calls to Beate and Dieter. After visiting the Sport Tiedje/HOIST showroom, Dieter Collas stated “Within five minutes, we knew we needed HOIST in our facility. The biomechanics of the product are one of a kind—we also fell in love with the unique styling of the HOIST product lineup.”

After adding the HOIST product family to their facility, Vitalis noted a 15% membership growth. Members and staff are excited by the new equipment, and Beate and Dieter are convinced they made the right decision by choosing HOIST. We are thrilled with the outcome of this installation and look forward to the continued satisfaction our product lines bring the members, staff, and owners of Vitalis SportCenter.

“After five minutes, we knew we needed HOIST. The biomechanics of the product are one of a kind—we also fell in love with the unique styling. The chemistry...was at once perfect.” —Dieter Collas, Owner, Vitalis SportCenter


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