HOIST Strength Baseball Workout App Declared a Top Tool to Increase Strength for Baseball Season

Baseball season is officially here! And whether you’re a high school or college athlete, professional player or batting in some recreational games, you need to stay strong and injury free to be on top of your game. HOIST Fitness has now launched some new workout programs in the HOIST Strength baseball workout app, specifically dedicated for baseball and softball players. Gym Source, a top residential and commercial fitness distributor, has compiled a list of conditioning tips get athletes ready to bat their best, and to no surprise, the HOIST Strength App is listed as a top resource with its new Baseball workout programs.

baseball strength workout app


“Another effective way to gear up for your baseball or softball season is with the HOIST strength app’s new ‘Sports Conditioning Workout”. This workout is designed to prepare baseball and softball athletes for the muscle strength conditioning they need to be successful on the field and stay injury free.

Available for the Mi Series Gyms (including the Mi5, Mi6, Mi7 Smith Functional Training System), the app is designed specifically to focus on the primary areas that baseball players utilize to stay on top of their game – balance, explosive power, and core strength.”

Source: Gym Source


What is the Hoist Strength Baseball Workout App?

The HOIST Strength app is a FREE fitness app created by HOIST Fitness with a library of more than 1,200 strength training exercises. Scroll through dozens of baseball exercises, all with step-by-step photos and video demonstrating how to perform each workout. The HOIST Strength app can eliminate the need for a personal trainer or can aid a personal trainer by providing a place to store and log your workout sessions. Use the Workout Log to track your baseball strength workouts and body measurements and even compare your progress over time.

How To Use the HOIST Strength App To Improve Your Athletic Performance

– Download the App on your Apple or Android device
– Using the drop down menu, select the HOIST gym you are working out on
– Scroll to “My Hoist – Workouts”
– Scroll to “Sports Conditioning Workout”
– Break a sweat!

The workout routines include dozens of exercises, with step-by-step instructions and photos to demonstrate how to perform each exercise.


How Baseball and Softball Players Can Incorporate Strength Training into Workouts

– Incorporate exercises that train both your lower and upper body
– Integrate core training into your workout
– Be sure to strengthen your rotator cuff muscles

How Baseball and Softball Players Can Incorporate Explosive Power Drills into Workouts

– Understand the types of explosive movements that occur most often in your sport and the position you play (sprinting, lunging, throwing etc).
– Incorporate exercises that challenge both your lower and upper body
– Integrate exercises targeted at increasing both your speed and power