Meet Your New Favorite Fitness Trainer – the HOIST MotionCage

You only need to spend a short amount of time with the HOIST Fitness Motion Cage to see why it’s become so popular with health clubs, trainers, and users around the world within the past year. With hundreds of possible exercises and WODs (Workout of the Day), it’s a cross training enthusiast’s dream and an excellent way for both health clubs and personal trainers to increase revenue.

Personal training used to consist of cardio and strength. But today, people are looking for functional exercises and high intensity interval training, such as Crossfit style workouts, that provide fat-burning cardio, strengthen muscles and overall, a butt-kicking workout!  And they also want to have fun doing it.

With that said, the HOIST Fitness Motion Cage was designed to cater to all these desires. Cross training cages have existed for years, but by talking to health club owners and trainers about their needs and how they use cross training cages, HOIST’s engineers and product design teams were freed from the notions of the past and able to create the HOIST Motion Cage from the ground up. With extensive input from clients like 24 Hour Fitness and the trainers who use it every day, HOIST is able to say “Here’s the product you asked for.” Instead of “Here’s the product you get.”

And what exactly does that mean?  That means a design and layout that can be customized for each facility to accommodate individual needs.  It means an extensive list of exercise stations including a Dip Station, Renegade Row, Squat Rack, Battle Ropes, Rebounder, Rock Climbing Wall, Traversing Peg Board, Monkey Bars, Jump Platform, Dual Pulley Station, Punching Bag, numerous pull-up/chin-up areas and countless areas for strap and band attachment points. It means easy adjustments for users of every size and strength.  And it even means storage space for kettle bells, weight balls and more.

It means everything you want in a function trainer is here. This is your gym designed by you, for you. Now watch this video to get to know your Motion Cage Functional Trainer.