More Units in Less Space, Stay Six Feet Apart with the HOIST Fitness Club Line

Club Line Socially Distanced 1 Car Garage Floorplan 12’ x 22’
Club owners around the world are making big changes in response to the global COVID-19 pandemic. Changes include better sanitization practices, scheduling appointments for customers, and taking fitness classes outdoors. But what about their long-term plans? The new HOIST Fitness Club Line, featuring the Slide Select System, offers huge space-savings for Club Owners looking to get the most out of their facility while allowing members to maintain social distancing. Let’s face it, nobody likes someone inside their personal bubble, much less while sweating, huffing, and puffing in the gym. Now add the effects of the pandemic and you have people wanting to avoid each other like the plague, literally! The HOIST Fitness Club Line can help ensure your club gets the most out of the space available for strength training equipment while maintaining social distance.

Since the release of the initial line of eight pieces in the Club Line, six additional units have been unveiled. The original eight boast a 16% smaller footprint and 19% lower profile than competitors and have no loose pins or lanyards, making them HOIST’s most post-pandemic friendly strength training machines yet. The entire eight piece original line can fit in the same space as a standard one car garage, just 12’ x 22’, while allowing users to maintain a 6 foot social distance at all times, including when machines are in use (see image above).

Additionally, three of the six new units offer multiple exercises on one machine making them even more space efficient by eliminating the need for more units on the floor. This includes the CL-3408 Standing/Prone Leg Curl, CL-3309 Pec Fly/Rear Delt, and CL-3800 Inner/Outer Thigh. The space savings and peace of mind this provides club owners and members has made the Club Line a hit everywhere. More units in less space, more is less with the HOIST Fitness Club Line!

Billy Kim, HOIST Fitness COO, explained, “With ever rising occupancy costs, one of our main design objectives with the Club Line is to have one of the smallest footprints in the industry. Today’s added benefit is the ability to fit more machines in a smaller space while maintaining social distancing.”
Standing Prone Leg Curl
CL-3408 Standing/Prone Leg Curl

One of the Club Line’s most talked about features is the new Slide Select System, which allows users to simply squeeze and slide a handle to select weight resistance. The system uses a solitary weight and offers more increments to choose from than traditional weight stacks, also eliminating the noise of weight-on-weight contact. The 200 lb. and 300 lb. Slide Select Systems offer increments of 5 lbs. while the 400 lb. stack offers increments of 10 lbs. All Club Line units feature the Slide Select System, minimal footprints and tons of other unique features that users love.
“The Club Line has a very naturally smooth and consistent feel across the line. And I like the dampening feeling after completing a rep with no crashing weight stacks. Also, the Slide Select System is completely unique and easy to use.”
- Anthony Wall with the American Council on Exercise (ACE)
Inner Outer Thigh
CL-3800 Inner/Outer Thigh
The Club Line Inner/Outer Thigh, Mid Row, and Standing/Prone Leg Curl are some of the most unique pieces in the fitness industry. HOIST noticed a trend with users standing for outer thigh exercises on machines not intended for this use and holding on to the shields or wherever they could. The CL Inner/Outer Thigh solves those safety issues and concerns with a built-in standing variation handle that members love. The CL Mid Row is the only unit in the industry with Select A Grip handles that allows the user to do vertical, horizontal, and angled grips for better muscle targeting. The user simply pushes and turns the handles to lock into the desired position before exercising. Lastly, the Standing/Prone Leg Curl is the only machine in the industry that provides the ability to do leg curls in the laying position bilaterally or unilaterally and in the standing position unilaterally. Members love options and different variations of exercises and that is exactly what these CL units provide.
Some other unique features of all the CL units are lower profiles which open up lines of sight in your club to make for a better user experience and management supervision. This actually makes the gym appear much larger, open and inviting to users as well. Imagine looking through a maze of jungle gyms, yikes! No, thanks! The Club Line has a very minimal and modern design making it friendly in multiple configurations on your floor space. Lastly, the open flat space on the shrouds gives plenty of free space for branding and customization, making them a big brand favorite.
Mid Row
CL-3203 Mid Row
Original Club Line Units:
• CL-3102 Biceps Curl
• CL-3103 Triceps Press
• CL-3201 Lat Pulldown
• CL-3301 Chest Press
• CL-3401 Leg Extension
• CL-3402 Leg Curl
• CL-3403 Leg Press
• CL-3501 Shoulder Press
Additional Club Line Units:
• CL-3408 Standing/Prone Leg Curl
• CL-3203 Mid Row
• CL-3309 Pec Fly/Rear Delt
• CL-3601 Abdominals
• CL-3800 Inner/Outer Thigh
• CL-3502 Lateral Raise

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