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Over the past 30 years, HOIST® has become a leader in the strength training equipment industry through proven effectiveness, durability, and versatility. The HOIST consumer free weight and personal training system product line is precision built with superb components and unique space saving designs.


HOIST Consumer Strength Product Line
  • Rated #1 home gym by Men’s Health Magazine
  • Patented Radial Loc® weight system reduces shifting between weight plates for a smooth, quiet motion
  • Double-sided racking system provides ten positions for free weight and ten positions for linear Smith exercise
  • Vertical frame design allows users to face in either direction while performing squatting and pressing exercises
  • EZ-Loc Latching™ automatically disengages when lifted
  • Primary frame constructed from 3" x 3" and 2" x 3" steel tubing
  • Maximum weight 570 lbs.
  • Includes HF4165 6 Position F.I.D. Bench
  • Product Width: 76.00" (193 cm)
  • Product Height: 84.00" (213 cm)
  • Product Length: 72.50" (184 cm)
  • Machine Weight: 870 lbs. (395 kg)
HOIST Consumer Strength Product Line

* Shipping/handling vary based on your distance from the nearest HOIST Authorized Dealer and their applicable policies. Applicable taxes and additional fees vary based on the state your Authorized HOIST Dealer resides. A HOIST Representative will contact you upon purchase to inform you of the exact shipping/handling charges. Credit card payments WILL NOT be processed unless you agree to these charges. In the rare event that you do not reside within the HOIST Authorized Dealer Network territory, curbside delivery is the only available delivery option for boxed goods and does NOT include assembly. Please note product installation is not available outside the HOIST Authorized Dealer Network.

"THE REAL DEAL!" by SBP on 05/02/2015

This thing is built to last, and really gets the job done, no matter what you want to do. What more is there to say? 5 Stars.

"THIS IS THE SHIT" by tough guy on 07/14/2014

got one

"RELIABLE, QUALITY THAT WILL LAST" by datdudedave on 01/20/2013

Bought mine 6 years ago. It works exactly as it did the day I got it. Two of my neighbors went around to the local sports store and bought a cheap imitation after using mine. Both now own over priced, rickety, towel racks that they hate and never use. According to both, when it comes to quality,"its not even close". I on the other continue to buy more hoist equipment as I build out my gym. I bought this when I was young and single, for the usual reasons. Now I'm married with small kids I use it to stay in shape and keep up. Later in life I'll use it to stay healthy. It truly is equipment for life. Its a fantastic investment, after all what's more important than your health.


Have had my system for 10 years now. Still the same basic design. Very durable and solid construction as my unit has gone through two relocations and been set-up in 3 different homes. One big plus is that the Smith bar is not angled. Have the loadable bar system for the lat deck versus the selectable plates as more weight can be used with the olympic plates. Not sure if Hoist still offers this choice but they should. Would recommend this unit to anyone for novice to advanced weight training. Excellent product.

"FLEXIBLE AND DURABLE" by Cowboy911 on 12/03/2012

Have had this for 3 years now, It’s been put thru its paces, My son(17) uses it almost daily as part of his football training. My daughter(13) has just started using it. Its versatile enough for them both, looks great, can handle high weights(son does 450 lb squats and smooth enough for my daughter to do 80 lb bench presses). I like the spotter bars to assure safety of both of them. The unit will move as weights are slammed against the rails so I’ve had to bolt it to the floor. Very pleased with the quality, functionality and looks. The cheaper units available would have never lasted.

"VERY NICE " by Jon on 04/22/2012

Got this from my local hoist dealer and I am very pleased. This gives me everything I needed in a very small amount of space. It's built realy well and should be able to handle a lifetime of abuse. I'm glad I didn't settle for a lesser piece of equipment. If you want to be able to train hard on gym quality equipment but you don't want to or are unable to go to the gym I would highly recomend this machine.

"SOLID, EXCELLENT FEATURES" by E Reiter on 11/13/2011

Have had this for 2 weeks now, so limited use. Incredily solid, well built piece of equipment. Overall very pleased. This is built like a tank, and will probably outlast my house! On the downside, make sure it is exactly where you want it during assembly - very hard to move. Smith machine, FID bench with attachments, lat pull, plate storage all work great, as expected. Two minor issues are the limited space for using the pec deck attachment does not allow much space between arm pads and smith machine vertical posts, and the absence of an integrated chin/pullup bar.


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