Apr 08, 2009

The HOIST® ROC-IT™ line keeps popping up in new locations everywhere! This location is in HOIST®’s own backyard. The newest gym to utilize the powerful line is the 24 Hour Fitness in Vista, California, which opened its doors on Saturday, March 28th. Packed with both ROC-IT™ Selectorized and Plate Loaded products, there’s plenty of opportunities for clients to feel the benefits of the line. One of the first to enjoy the RPL-5102 at this new location was Nasser El Sonbaty, famed professional bodybuilder. Just another great example of HOIST® and 24 Hour Fitness teaming up to provide clients with the best possible workout.

What People are Saying…

“I switched gym locations and drive an additional 15 minutes so I can work out on the ROC-IT™ line.” - Jessica Watkins from Escondido, CA

“I just had a knee replacement surgery and I can’t do any leg exercises EXCEPT for the ROC-IT™ Selectorized Leg Curl, Leg Extension and Leg Press.” - Mike Lorenzo from Vista, CA

“The HOIST® Plate Loaded products put Hammer Strength to shame!” - Fire Fighter from Vista, CA

“My neighbors and I would rather work out at a gym with the ROC-IT™ than our workout room in our apartment complex.” - Lindsay Wilkensen from Vista, CA

“When I travel, I make sure that there is a gym with the ROC-IT™ line.”- Chris Anderson from , CA