Free hoist apps to keep your workouts going

HOIST Fitness offers two FREE apps designed exclusively for HOIST products. Both apps are available for IOS and Android Devices.

Hoist Strength App
A Fitness Tracker & Exercise Library
The HOIST Strength app is a FREE fitness app by HOIST Fitness Systems with a library of more than 1,200 strength training exercises for a variety of HOIST gyms. Simply use the drop down menu to select the HOIST gym you are using, then scroll through dozens of exercises, all with step-by-step photos and video demonstrating how to perform each exercise. The HOIST Strength app can eliminate the need for a personal trainer or can aid a personal trainer by providing a place to store and log your workout sessions. Use the Workout Log to track your workouts and body measurements and even compare your progress over time. The HOIST Strength app also comes with a variety of pre-designed workout programs for beginner, intermediate and advanced athletes; or create and save your own workout routine.
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Hoist bikes app
A Cycling Workout Tracker for HOIST LeMond Series Bikes
The FREE HOIST Bikes app for HOIST LeMond Series indoor cycle bikes allows you to seamlessly store, track and compare your workouts. Simply sync your bike to the app via the built-in Bluetooth LE connection, begin your workout and revisit the app once you have completed your workout to see if you hit any new PR’s and how your workout compares to past workouts.
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