Club Line Lat Pull Down CL-3201

The original 8 units of the Club Line fit in the same area as a 1 car garage

Slide Select System

An easy-to-use weight selection system comprised of a solitary weight with varying leverage

Multiple Grip Options

Patented Flip n Grip® technology provides 4 lat pull grip options, including rock grips

Compact Design

16% smaller footprint allowing more space for more equipment and 19% lower profile allowing better line of sight

Quiet Operation

Weight-on-weight contact is eliminated with Slide Select System

Customers Reviews

At Gold’s Gym Linglestown we purchased the entire Hoist Roc It line and it continues to be the most popular equipment in the gym. We always use it on tours as an example of how we differentiate our gym from the competition. The technology and ease of use works with our entire membership population, from seniors to our most avid athletes. We will continue to add Hoist to gym as they develop new products.

Jim Czupil, Gold’s Gym Linglestown
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The HOIST Bikes app for HOIST LeMond Series indoor cycle bikes allows you to seamlessly store, track and compare your workouts. Simply sync your bike to the app via the built-in Bluetooth LE connection, begin your workout and revisit the app once you have completed your workout to see if you hit any new PR’s and how your workout compares to past workouts.


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