Feb 07, 2011

The Maadi Gold’s Gym opened its doors for the first time in 1996. They’ve since opened six locations around the country, and two Gold’s Gym Expresses. The gyms got their first taste of HOIST Fitness products in 2009. When HOIST’s Egyptian distributor, Space Transport, put the full ROC-IT Circuit Training line of products into Gold’s Gym’s summer event. The response was incredible. The demonstration turned into a two-year sponsorship agreement from the gym, installation of the PTS and Commercial Free Weight lines, and a slot for HOIST on the list of suppliers for new Gold’s Gyms and Gold’s Gym Expresses in Egypt.

Space Transport says it was easy. But it was tenacity over a fourteen-month period, and the idea of putting the ROC-IT Circuit Training line in the summer event, that got people on the product. It was a powerful sales technique, and allowed them to beat out Life Fitness Circuit Training and Techno Gym Easy Line, for a handsome sale.

The ROC-IT line of products popularity continues to grow. In fact, every facility with ROC-IT products installed has seen an increase in sales and memberships. With three more Gold’s Gym Express locations opening soon, HOIST’s ROC-IT product line is sure to be a key selling feature at these locations.

“To sell, concentrate on the point that these are real gym machines, with ROX Technology, and the addition of a beautiful design.”- Space Transport, HOIST Fitness Distributor, Egypt