Jul 30, 2008

Frequency Intensity Training also known as FIT, is a unique and privately owned gym located in Farmington, Utah, approximately 35 minutes north of Salt Lake City. FIT gym opened in October 2007 offering personalized training, 24 hour gym access to all members and newly installed HOIST® equipment!

As a result, FIT members achieve a great workout experience and are more likely to maintain a long term membership. The uniqueness of the ROC-IT™ line is a great selling point for a training studio such as FIT gym, who competes with 2 big gyms, a recreation center and 3 other small training facilities - all located less than 100 yards away.

Along with the ROC-IT™ line, the PTS is also another favorite piece of HOIST® equipment. Overwhelmed by how smooth and easy the PTS is, FIT members are able to achieve a full body workout. The PTS provides multiple exercises to increase overall stability and functional training.

Frequency Intensity Training (FIT) Testimonial: “The ROC-IT™ line is what put us ahea d of the competition . We ’re able to connect with our members about the use an d feel of the ROC-IT™ line while providing a fun workout environment .”

“All of our members an d trainers absolutely love the feel and enjoy working out on the ROC-IT line !” - Alan Watkins, Owner of Frequency Intensity Training Gym