Mar 02, 2011

What happens when you fill a gym with HOIST equipment, and then name it HOIST Gym? 1,000 new members in less than a week. Boasting over 4,500 square meters of true innovation, the new HOIST Gym in Goyang City, South Korea features nothing less than the most-evolved strength-training equipment on the planet.

Alex Sung, CEO of Lohas Fitness, is the mastermind behind the HOIST Gym project. In March 2010, Alex was watching with anticipation as construction began on a new fitness oasis—“The Gym”.

When funding fell through during construction, Alex quickly stepped in with new investors and put the project back on track—all in less than four months. Being a three-year consecutive HOIST “Dealer of the Year ‑ Asia Region”, Alex knew that adding “HOIST” to the gym’s title would position it for instant fame.

HOIST Gym’s owner, Gi-Hyuk Nam, credits the gym’s success to its reputable HOIST brand name, and the ROC-IT product line. “The eye catching color, design, and unique function of the ROC-IT product line appealed to visitors. Many who came to inquire registered as soon as they tried the ROC-IT machines.”

“The unique ROX technology that offers joint protection...meets the standard for fitness equipment of the 21st century.” Gi-Hyuk Nam, Owner, Hoist Gym

“By using the HOIST name, I was able to appeal to potential members … they know the club is reputable, and different from any other club around.” Gi-Hyuk Nam, Owner, Hoist Gym