Hoist Strength App
A Fitness Tracker & Exercise Library
The HOIST Strength app is a FREE fitness app by HOIST Fitness Systems with a library of more than 1,200 strength training exercises for a variety of HOIST gyms. Simply use the drop down menu to select the HOIST gym you are using, then scroll through dozens of exercises, all with step-by-step photos and video demonstrating how to perform each exercise. The HOIST Strength app can eliminate the need for a personal trainer or can aid a personal trainer by providing a place to store and log your workout sessions. Use the Workout Log to track your workouts and body measurements and even compare your progress over time. The HOIST Strength app also comes with a variety of pre-designed workout programs for beginner, intermediate and advanced athletes; or create and save your own workout routine.
  • Features
  • Help & Support
  • 1,200 strength training exercises
  • High definition photo and video examples
  • Simple and quick step-by-step instructions
  • Rep timer - Set a timer that counts you down and alerts you when rep is complete
  • Pre-loaded workout routines for beginner, intermediate and advanced athletes
  • Customizable workout programs you can save for future use
  • Export workouts and body measurements (CSV and Text) - perfect for sending to personal trainers to report progress
  • Progress Comparison Chart - Log and track your body measurements to compare your progress over time
  • Social sharing – share your workout with you social networks on Facebook and Twitter
If you are experiencing problems with your HOIST Strength App, please read through the common troubleshooting solutions below. It is our goal to resolve your issues to get you back up and training as fast as possible.
Many issues can be resolved by verifying you have the most current version of our App. Please follow the steps below to verify that you are using the HOIST Strength app, and the icon looks like the one at the top of this page.


If you are using the HOIST Strength app, please verify you are using:



On your Android
Go to Settings > Go to Application Settings > Go to Manage Application, then tap on the app. It will say the version you're running under the name. Or search for the app in the app market, if it doesn't say "Installed" then you don't have the most recent version.
On your iPhone
Open the Settings app > Go to General > Go to Storage & iCloud Usage > Go to Manage Storage > Click on HOIST Strength App. It will say the version you are running under the name. Or search for the app in the app store. If it says "UPDATE" next to the app, it needs to be updated.
If you have followed the above steps and are running the most current app version, and you are still experiencing issues, please read through the additional tips below.


  • Upon first downloading the app, connect to wifi to download the app content and exercises for the first time.
  • Make sure you fully download the exercise updates when they are available.
  • Make sure your phone does not lock and the app does not close while it downloads new exercises.
  • If you still need further assistance, you may contact webprodsupport@hoistfitness.com