Jun 09, 2010

The install at the RiverSide Hotel was a huge success! Famously known for their nightclub and its 24 years of history, the RiverSide Hotel is a landmark in Korea. Located next to the Han River in Seoul, the RiverSide Hotel is an ideal location for people to enjoy its beauty and lavish setting. Recently remodeled and opened this month, their prime focus was in the fitness area. The building has now been transformed into a new modern marvel. Who better to compliment their new transformation than HOIST Fitness product.

The RiverSide Hotel was looking for a new approach with new technology and HOIST Fitness was the perfect fit. With HOIST Fitness state of the art design and technology in strength training equipment, they have choose to install the ROC-IT and CF lines for their facility.

While not an easy sale, LOHAS Fitness was triumphant over its competitors through the determination of it’s owner Alex Sung. Alex spent 3 full days in Seoul working the deal until he was able to beat out Life Fitness for the order. Congratulations and Good Job Lohas Fitness.

“Recently the movie Avatar was very popular with its 3D images. If the previous equipment were like 2D, I would say the HOIST ROC-IT equipment lines are like 3D.” - Mr. Han, Fitness Gym Manager, RiverSide Hotel