Aug 26, 2010

Throughout the years we have seen HOIST Distributors working together to present the HOIST Brand to their customers. The teamwork between Lohas Fitness (South Korea) and WISEFIT (Japan) helped install HOIST ROC-IT and PTS equipment into ‘Healience Sunmaul’ a wellness and meditation getaway retreat. This village is located in a remote mountain region where business people stay to escape the city stresses of their daily lives. Due to the immense TV publicity and word of mouth, numerous guests from cities travel long distances to visit this place to experience their unique atmosphere.

Dr. Si-Young Lee, ‘CEO of Healience Sunmaul’ was introduced to HOIST in Japan over 3 years ago by Mr. Yonezawa (WISEFIT, Japan). Dr. Lee was highly impressed with its biomechanics through its function and its joint protection compound movements. Then with the good help of Mr. Yonezawa, Alex Sung of Lohas Fitness was able to meet with Dr. Lee to close the deal and install the facility.

Alex Sung had an uphill battle to win over the facility fitness trainers due to their prior experience with Life Fitness and concern over the unique ROX Technology. After continuous instruction and product demonstrations the trainers where able to be converted to accept the ROC-IT mania that is sweeping the world. – HOIST Fitness offers our congratulations to both Lohas Fitness and WISEFIT for successful using teamwork to install a prestigious location. Do you know who your other region HOIST distributor are?