Feb 10, 2012

Korea’s Top Universities Join the Movement™ and Install the HOIST® Commercial Lineup!

Seoul National University (SNU), ranked #42 Best in the World by the 2011 World University Rankings, has a student body of over 22,000, was the first National University in South Korea, and has been regarded as the most prestigious of all post-secondary educational institutions in the country. Yonsei University (YU) ranked #129 Best in the World, has a student body of over 26,000, and is regarded as one of the top three comprehensive universities in South Korea.

Both universities strengthened their great reputations in 2011 by working with Lohas Fitness to install the HOIST Product Lineup.

Prior to working with Lohas Fitness, SNU worked with Precor Fitness. Lohas Fitness used a friendly and consistent sales approach to show SNU the unique fitness options they would have available by selecting the Lohas/HOIST team. Lohas took personal trainers from SNU to a local fitness facility and encouraged them to experience HOIST’s patented ROC-IT product line, while reinforcing the strength of HOIST—as a company that has manufactured strength products for over 30 years.

The SNU team manager noted the smooth movement of HOIST products and selected the entire line in the stunning Candy Apple Red frame and Black Upholstery combination. The students have stated that the new equipment has had a noticeably positive impact on their bodies, and the overall reaction from the entire university has been “Amazing”.

Lohas used the same approach with YU and also installed HOIST in the training facility of YU in the team’s colors (Candy Blue frame and Blue Jay Upholstery combination).The General Trainer at YU noted that “HOIST equipment is solid yet luxurious. Yes, this is the right equipment for YU!” We look forward to the satisfaction our product brings the students and athletic teams at SNU and YU.