LeMond Series Elite Bike

The latest LeMond Series exercise bike by HOIST Fitness built for commercial & home settings

Built-in Console with CaloriePUMP™

Allows users to watch their calorie burn increase in real-time


Allows users to seamlessly store, track and compare work outs

Rear Flywheel

Design protects from sweat and corrosion

Magnetic Resistance

Provides smooth frictionless resistance

Customers Reviews

Most durable Indoor Cycling bike.
From the Classic, to the Sport to the Pro, the Rev Master Pro is by far my favorite. From adjustability to the feel and longevity of parts, this ranks at the top of the list for me.

Craig K.
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HOIST Bikes App

The HOIST Bikes app for HOIST LeMond Series indoor cycle bikes allows you to seamlessly store, track and compare your workouts. Simply sync your bike to the app via the built-in Bluetooth LE connection, begin your workout and revisit the app once you have completed your workout to see if you hit any new PR’s and how your workout compares to past workouts.


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