Jan 19, 2011

What’s appropriate for an adult’s body may not be for a youth’s. The same holds true for strength training and conditioning equipment. Recently, Companhia Athletica, located in Barra da Tijuca, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, came to that same conclusion. Companhia Athletica calls South America’s largest mall home and already boasts a 60,000 square foot facility, 2700 members, three swimming pools, a variety of classes and now, the HOIST Fitness KL line of products.

HOIST’s KL line of products is specifically engineered for a youth’s growing body and uses HOIST’s ROX Technology to not only provide and safe, effective workout for youths, but machines they actually want to use because of their unique motion. And what better place to find youths than at the mall next to the movie theater?

Companhia Athletica has been in business for more than 26 years with 15 locations spanning across Brazil and over 32,000 members and is the first facility in Brazil to feature the HOIST KL. According to Daniel Adler, Director, Companhia Athletica, they were received with great success and interest on the part of members. “All the members love the place and the equipment. It was the first in Brazil. They have talked well about everything.”

Daniel also says the gym expects an increase in membership. Many parents are interested in enrolling their children at Companhia Athletica now that it has HOIST’s unique KL line geared specifically for youths. “…the kids that are using the equipment are loving it and I heard from parents that they will register the kids after vacations.”