Apr 10, 2007

Today’s Japanese Fitness Industry is now climbing out of its long depression. By opening more than 100 clubs a year, major fitness companies in Japan are highly motivated to participate in the fitness and health industry. One of the main suppliers of fitness equipment in Japan is WiseFit.

WiseFit has developed personalized club strategies. For existing club owners, introduce “Circuit Zones” consisting of the HOIST® KL and Roc-It® line. These lines of fitness equipment provide members with a quick and unique total-body workout. For the new club owners, start with a small fitness club due to its low risk.

Using their own strategy, WiseFit opened their own circuit gym, Fitness Express Thirty Thirty in 2005. Located in a wealthy area in Toyko, their implementation of the HOIST® lines differs from the competition. By using weight stacks and innovative movements instead of hydraulic equipment, their members feel that the equipment is more beneficial to achieving their fitness goal.

Today, Fitness Express Thirty Thirty is one of the most well known fitness clubs in Japan. Due to the style of the equipment in their club, they have been featured in Japan’s biggest newspaper as well as Japan’s biggest fitness show, “Health and Fitness Japan.”