Jan 28, 2010

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) has taken its place as a top-tier event with millions of viewers around the world. Now anyone-- male or female, young or old-- can experience what itʼs like to train like a modern day gladiator.

The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) and New Evolution Fitness Company (NEFC) have teamed to create the Ultimate Fitness Center Gym now open in Concord, California. The first facility to combine the world of MMA and fitness to create the ultimate fitness experience.

Itʼs a place that has something for the entire family-- traditional mixed martial art classes, self defense classes for women, all-around fitness classes, personal trainers and interactive fitness classes specially designed for kids 14 and under in their own UFC Kids Gym.

You can take an interactive tour of the new facility at and see class schedules, personal training options, private martial arts instruction and the fitness area which includes HOISTʼs ROC-IT Selectorized line of strength training products.

The UFC Gym felt HOISTʼs ROX Technology, the new movement in strength training, was a perfect fit for their memberʼs needs and the perfect compliment to the UFC Gymʼs unique style and approach to training.

The HOIST ROC-IT line is a great compliment to the unique style of our gym that we are offering our members..." - Rob Gibson - UFC Gym Fitness Director