RS-1700 Chin-Dip Assist

How Do I Use This Machine?


  1. Select an assisted weights.
  2. Climb the steps and firmly grip the exercise handles. 
  3. Step onto the weight-assisted foot plate. EXERCISE*
    1. *FOR CHIN/PULL UP: Life torso until chin is level with handles.
    2. *FOR DIP: Lower torso until arms are bent 90 degrees.

    Caution (with assist):

    1. Grasp handles prior to stepping onto the foot plate.
    2. Keep feet on the foot plate and hands on the handles at all times. 
    3. The foot plate is designed to move as you exercise.
    4. Do not enter or exit the machine unless the foot plates is in the starting position.

    Caution (without assist):

    1. Ensure the foot plate is in the vertical upright position. 

    Why Does The Machine Move

    The goal of this machine is to unite YOU with IT—by putting your body in motion with the exercise.

    Our patented technology was created to offer you an assisted “free-weight” training experience. This product was engineered to slowly shift your center of gravity during the exercise motion—offering you a more proper form, core activation, and reducing your risk of injury.

    Join the Movement by adding the advanced ROC-IT experience to your strength-training program!