Apr 20, 2011

The Greek Ministry of National Defense recently reopened a HOIST-outfitted fitness facility—an upgrade that has led to many THANKS and CONGRATULATIONS from soldiers and their family members.

When the Greek National forces train, they train hard. After just seven years of the Athens military gym opening, the 1,800 square-foot facility was in need of a set of solid strength-training equipment. Officer Papadopoulos (Chief Manager of the gym), began his search for a line of strength-training products that can not only withstand the force of the user, but can also offer excellent ergonomics for optimal user-safety.

Teaming with HOIST dealer “Evolution Fitness”, Officer Papadopoulos was immediately impressed by the durability and advanced technology of the ROC-IT Selectorized (RS) product line. He was so impressed, that he chose HOIST products for the gym’s freeweight (CF) and circuit-series (HD) equipment.

Katia Saltidou, Import & HRM Manager at Evolution Fitness, believes this facility will be seen as the new standard for Greek military gyms, opening the door to many more installations within all of the branches of the Greek military.

“Having very high standards, I believe that HOIST machines were the top choice for the Greek National Forces. From the testing of the machines, before making the choice, until the installation I was impressed with the solid construction, the excellent ergonomics, and the excellent service of the people involved.” —Officer Papadopoulos, Chief Manager, Gym of the Ministry of National Defense