Jun 22, 2011

Last year, the Donbass Arena (Donetsk, Ukraine) was unveiled as an eye-catching host to events, concerts, and conferences worldwide. The first stadium in Eastern Europe designed and built to UEFA elite standards, the Donbass Arena is home to the Shakhtar Football Club.

To prepare the team for UEFA competition, ArupSport (the stadium architect) designed a state-of-the-art workout space, named Fresh Fitness Center. The center was in search of unique strength equipment that could train EVERYONE, from beginner to expert fitness level.

M-Fitness (HOIST’s “International Dealer of the Year”), was determined to equip the facility with HOIST strength-training product. Passionate about the HOIST brand, they quickly proved the HOIST CF- and ROC-IT-series fitness lines were the best solutions—over Star Trac and Life Fitness—to meet and exceed Fresh Fitness Center’s varied strength-training needs.

Engineered with Ride Oriented Xercise® technology, the ROC-IT product line engages the user throughout the entire exercise range-of-motion, making the workout fun, and biomechanically correct—reducing strain and potential injury.

“HOIST equipment meets the demands of a modern person: Excellent biomechanics, safety, usability and an attractive design. It helps us keep our clients, and engage new ones.”

—Kyrdinovskaya Natalia, Fitness Director, Fresh Fitness