Nov 03, 2011

South Carolina Beats The Rush and Installs the ROC-IT Series in the Newest Gym in Greenville!

“The excitement that will thrill you, the energy that will empower you and the enjoyment that will inspire you.” The Rush, self-proclaimed as perhaps the most profoundly FUN fitness experience you will ever encounter, is intense, and you’re guaranteed to love it. The facility is colorful, refreshing and rewarding. Opening its doors on June 20, 2011, the Greenville location is a 35,000 square-foot facility—averaging nearly 2,000 daily users and featuring the HOIST® ROC-IT Selectorized and Plate-Loaded lines.

We asked Tony Gray, Vice President of The Rush, “Why did you choose HOIST?” Tony stated “The innovative technology used by HOIST gives an incredibly fresh feeling to the tried-and-true methods of exercising with selectorized and plate-loaded machines. Any time, we as fitness professionals, have access to equipment that actually has members EXCITED about exercising, that makes our job of helping them achieve their goals that much easier. Members enjoy the unique motion of the HOIST ROC-IT product line of equipment. HOIST also gives the Fit Coaches an opportunity to put clients on equipment they’ve never seen before.”

The ROC-IT product line engages the user throughout the entire exercise range-of-motion, making the workout FUN, and biomechanically correct¬-reducing strain and potential injury.

After opening with the ROC-IT product line in their facility, The Rush noted that 80% of their members adjusted existing conventional exercise plans to ROC-IT plans. We are thrilled with the outcome of this installation, and look forward to the continued satisfaction our product brings members of The Rush¬–Greenville Fitness Complex.

“I’ve exercised for years and have seen the hyped equipment come and go. HOIST has a new and improved way of targeting muscle groups and is HERE TO STAY.” —Tony Gray, Vice President, The RUSH