Jul 30, 2008

The first Results club opened in Bracknell (United Kingdom) in 1997 with the goal of maintaining a relaxed, friendly environment. There are now four Results Health Clubs throughout the UK. The Results Health Club located in Alton, Hampshire (UK), recently installed the ROC-IT™ line to allow their members to experience a fun, yet effective workout.

Induction wise the ROC-IT™ line is excellent as it is very easy to use, while not too complicated for people that have never exercised before. The ROC-IT™ line is very smooth with very little room for technical error. Therefore, people don’t use momentum to lift the weights. Changing the weights is easy too.

The ROC-IT™ line equipment pleasantly surprises our members who have exercised before. As a result of the ROC-IT™ line install, our members have gained great results such as decreased overall weight, increased muscle tone and reduce body fat. Normally members get bored with resistance equipment as they progress with their exercise program and eventually want to move on to freeweights. But with Roc-It™ line, people are getting a lot more out of their exercise program and less curious about freeweights. By using the ROC-IT™ line, more muscles are engaged with each movement and so it bridges the gap between freeweights and traditional resistance machines.

“The Hoist® Roc-It™ range is absolutely spot on - it’s perfect!”

“The Roc-It™ line is some of the best and most comfortable resistance equipment I’ve ever used. I enjoy showing it off to people because it’s so different to anything you see in a conventional gym. It combines the old school with new technology. People might think it looks gimmicky but it’s not. I truly believe this is where the future lies. It makes our job a whole lot easier.” - Jo Devereux, General Manager, Results Health Club, Alton