May 25, 2011

Have you ever enticed a potential customer’s members with a piece from the HOIST ROC-IT product line? If not, you may consider it after reading this story.

I-Gym is an upscale fitness facility with over 200 daily users, located in Ajman (U.A.E.). It offers over 300 square meters of training space dedicated to men, 150 square meters of space dedicated to women, a kick-boxing and aerobic studio, and an on-site Starbucks® Coffee.

Prior to their relationship with HOIST Fitness, I-Gym utilized Hammer Strength equipment for their training needs. Determined to get HOIST’s “foot” in the door of I-Gym, Yasser Ahmed (Sales Manager for GymCare) suggested I-Gym floor one ROC-IT Chest Press machine, for a trial basis, in their gym. They agreed, and members were so impressed by the ROC-IT machine, they insisted I-Gym install the entire ROC-IT product lineup.

Engineered with Ride Oriented Xercise technology, the ROC-IT product line engages the user throughout the entire exercise range-of-motion, making the workout fun, and biomechanically correct, reducing strain and potential injury.

After adding the ROC-IT product line to their facility, I-Gym noted that 80% of their members switched their conventional exercise plan to a Ride Oriented Xercise plan. HOIST is thrilled with the outcome of this installation, and looks forward to the continued satisfaction it brings members of the I-Gym facility.