Mar 05, 2007

24 Hour Fitness – Fremont, California

After the line was installed in the facility for only 2 weeks, management had to relocate the line to one location within the facility due to popular demand. Members kept requesting, “Where’s the equipment that moves?” This change goes against 24 Hour Fitness layout policy of having equipment located by muscle group. This product has received a high approval rating since its installation.

• Seniors use the equipment because it’s easy on the joints and offers support throughout the exercise.

• Body Builders who only use free weights are turning to the ROC-IT for their warm-up and cool down portions of their exercise.

• Prospective members are brought in and shown the ROC-IT line to close the deal because of its uniqueness.

Fitness Mexicali – Mexicali, Mexico

Due to the success of the Mexicali ROC-IT™ Circuit Training Classes, a second facility will be opening up in Mexicali at the end of March with a total of 8-9 facilities planned for 2007.

• 750 members in 2 months

• 65-70% of the current members are there because of the ROC-IT™ Circuit Training classes

• A waiting area was put into place due to the popularity of the ROC-IT™ Circuit classes