Jun 23, 2010

In 2009, Lori and Jeremy Lowell, installed their first units of the HOIST’s ROC-IT line of strength training products to provide clients with an alternative to standard strength training machines. Today, almost the entire line of HOIST ROC-IT Strength Training machines are now installed in the new pre-sale office in downtown Milwaukee.

According to Tim Ahner, General Manager Gold’s Gym Downtown Milwaukee, members are experiencing the “WOW” factor as they have never been “ROC’d” before on other conventional strength equipment. They are pleased with the ease of use and they are especially pleased with the squeeze that they are able to achieve using the angles of the movement that is achieved through ROX Technology.

In Lowells’ opinion the HOIST ROC-IT Line represents the next true advancement in strength training design and mechanics. In the near future, Lowells’ plan is to upgrade their facilities with HOIST ROC-IT products in all eight of their Gold’s Gyms across Wisconsin and Virginia. With a membership base of 3,000 - 4,000 per gym, soon more than 24,000 residents will have access to HOIST’s new movement in strength training, the ROC-IT line of Strength Training products.

“The fact that the HOIST Fitness ROC-IT product is dynamic equipment helps sell the club as a new and unique experience.”- Tim Ahner, General Manager Golds Gym Downtown Milwaukee