Jul 15, 2011

HOIST® Fitness Systems has now partnered with ECDESIGN to offer you and your sales team a beautiful presentation and easy-to-use space planning solution.

With ECDESIGN, making a top view 2D drawing is easy. It does not matter if it´s a small or large facility. Simply drag and drop walls and objects into place. Check out the short video!

At any time you can instantly enter a real-time 3D scene and check out what you have planned so far. Analyzing in 3D is truly amazing. See if your layout looks the way you want and if it will work in real life. By using the unique rendering solution, you´ll be able to create great looking photo-realistic JPEG images at the click of a button.

With each installation, you’ll get free online webinar training, telephone/email support, and standard software updates.

To get on board with the HOIST ECDESIGN software toolkit, simply email with your contact information and ECDesign will follow-up with additional information.

*The cost is 620 EUR for the first license and 420 EUR for any additional licenses (one license per computer).