Hoist Announces Product Expansion

Hoist Fitness expands Easy Glide Hi-Lo Pulley Column System to additional product lines, redefining gym equipment for safer, user-centric workouts.

POWAY, CA, UNITED STATES, October 24, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ -- In a move that underlines Hoist's dedication to innovation and user-centric solutions, the company is introducing the revolutionary Easy Glide Hi-Lo Pulley Column System as an upgrade to two of its products; the CMJ-6175 EZG Hi-Lo Pulley and the CMS-6175 EZG Stand Alone Hi-Lo Pulley. Since 2020, the Easy Glide system has been implemented into a handful of products which include the HD-3000.


 This game-changing enhancement to these existing pieces of gym-proven equipment embodies Hoist's commitment to providing fitness enthusiasts, athletes, and professionals with state-of-the-art tools to amplify their training experiences. The integration of the Easy Glide Hi-Lo Pulley Column System into these products marks another pivotal moment in the industry, propelling Hoist to the forefront of cutting-edge safety and fitness technology once again. As Hoist continues to redefine industry norms, this upgrade reinforces its position as a visionary leader in the ever-evolving world of fitness equipment.


Introducing a New Standard in Modern Hi-Lo Pulleys

The CMJ-6175 EZG Hi-Lo Pulley and CMS-6175 EZG Stand Alone Hi-Lo Pulley, both feature a robust 195 lb. Weight Stack.


“It's a testament to our dedication to transforming the fitness industry and commitment to providing fitness facilities & enthusiasts with tools to create dynamic, engaging, & versatile workout spaces.” — Billy Kim


These state-of-the-art additions underscore Hoist's dedication to versatile and effective fitness solutions, reflecting innovation and user-centric design values. Catering to fitness enthusiasts, athletes, and professionals, these products offer an unmatched workout experience through ergonomic design and robust functionality.


Redefining conventional cable column machines, the Easy Glide System introduces a new level of convenience. Regular pulley housings often weigh more than 10 pounds, making it a hassle to adjust the pulley’s height since users must lift or lower this heavy load. On the other hand, the easy glide system is designed to keep most of its mechanical weight within the column, so users only need to lift or lower a much lighter 4.5-pound load. The user-friendly one finger pull-ring Easy Glide adjuster ensures swift and secure pulley height adjustments. Moreover, this improved design of the Easy Glide System reduces mechanical stress on the pulleys and cable. Moving parts are the weakness of any machine, but the Easy Glide System significantly reduces non-linear mechanical forces on these components, reducing the chances of equipment failure, and moderating maintenance requirements – reducing downtime and lifecycle costs.


The Easy Glide Cable Column System Stands Out

The Easy Glide System integrated design and robust construction mark a substantial enhancement for both users and club owners. This innovation promises improved usability, seamless action, and heightened reliability. Unlike conventional pulley systems that extend eight inches from fixed columns, the Easy Glide's integrated pulley protrudes merely two inches. This change significantly reduces injury risk to club members.


Pioneering the way forward, our pulley columns offer full 360-degree rotation and incorporates a patent-pending integrated Adjustment System. This breakthrough technology enables seamless, one-handed adjustments at nearly any placement level, ensuring users can focus on their perfect workouts without disruption.


Embracing the Future of Fitness

As COO, Billy Kim puts it, “The arrival of our CMJ-6175 EZG Hi-Lo Pulley and CMS-6175 EZG Stand Alone Hi-Lo Pulley is a testament to our unwavering dedication to transforming the fitness industry. We're committed to providing fitness facilities and enthusiasts with the tools they need to create dynamic, engaging, and versatile workout spaces.”


About HOIST Fitness Systems, Inc.

HOIST® Fitness is a San Diego, California, USA based company producing premium strength training products and exercise bikes for commercial and home markets.


The company’s commercial products can be found all over the world in: health clubs, colleges & universities, professional sports gyms, YMCAs, community centers, hotels, multi-family homes, personal training facilities, corporate fitness centers, government facilities and military installations.


Our home products can be found around the world as well in consumers’ homes. We offer home gyms that have won awards including the 2020 & 2021 Men's Health Home Gym Awards and Good Design awards across multiple years. Numerous celebrities & world leaders’ estates boast having HOIST Fitness